1000+ AU files?! :O Help...

I recorded the Mets/Padres Opening Day game today, and Audacity crashed (as it sometimes does with a large file) but I hit “Save Project As”…

NOW I have 1 folder entitled nym_data, a folder inside that entitled e00, and then about 16 folders inside THAT, each with over 100 5 second audio files of the game!


Which wouldn’t be so bad, but there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason that I can discern in the naming or order of those files, so I can’t “put the game back together” 5 second audio clips at a time…

Can anyone help, please? (And no, I can’t recover the original crashed file, when it was a single file…sometimes Audacity crashes on long files, but I’ve used it to record long baseball games like this for years…)

The rhyme and reason is Audacity doesn’t save sound files. It saves Projects. To get a stand-alone sound file that will play on a lot of different computers you have to File > Export one.

A Project is a supervisory file called .aup and a folder of the same name followed by _data.

MyShow_data (folder)

The aup file knows what to do with all the stuff in the _data folder. Did you get an aup file?


see this page from the Audacity manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/audacity_projects.html