zoomh5 not able to interface with pc windows 7

This is extremely frustrating. I can record great audio on my zoom h5, transfer via sd card reader to audacity and edit, but when i try to use my zoom as an interface, the computer and audacity don’t recognize it. It’s not there. The most that my pc will say about it is: This device cannot start. (Code 10), and there’s a yellow sign with a ! in it beside the device on my devices page. Has anyone else ran into this problem, and if so, how is it fixed? I’ve found nothing on the internet addressing this issue, which is surprising

When does that happen?

Try this:

  1. Disconnect the h5 from the computer
  2. Reboot your computer, don’t start Audacity or any other applications.
  3. Connect the h5 to the computer and enable it as an audio interface.
    Do you get the error message?

it still doesn’t recognize the device… now let me start audacity and see if it sees it…nope. when i connected the h5 to my computer, the computer made the usual sound it makes when i connect outside devices, but it still isn’t letting me use it
thanks for the reply!

any other ideas?

Ok! The zoom team rather quickly replied to my cries and suggested i go to their downloads page, which i did, and then downloaded drivers for the h5 for windows 7. It’s a zip file, so extracted that, installed the multitrack driver, and now my computer recognizes the device by name, which up till now it hasn’t at all. A total ice-out until now. I’ll load up audacity and see what happens. Thank you very much for your help as well! I reckon i’ll be coming in here from time to time, and i’m very grateful for this website.

If Windows does not recognise the device, then Audacity will not be able to use it. You must get the device working properly in your system first. Audacity can’t use a device if the device is not working properly.

Thanks, Steve! I was contacted by zoom, got the download installed on the pc, recognizes it fine and just tested it with audacity, and it’s got a pulse! It’s registering in the monitor, and i’ll start trying this rig tomorrow. Cheers again!