Zoom scrolling suggestions

Just created this account to ask if someone could make the scolling usefull by default instead of doing nothing.
like zooming where the mouse is would be fantastic

Ctrl+Scroll zooms onto the mouse cursor, fwiw.

actually scrolling do up and down navigation but do nothing when only one track. As it is easy to aim the up/down scroll bar, and holding the wheel while moving could be the same fonction, I personnaly think the right navigation would be scrolling by default is zoom on cursor, and holding wheel is to drag. as it is what I do the most, zooming and moving in the interface.

Most software I use on a regular basis (web browser, photo editor, word processor) uses Ctrl-scroll to zoom and Shift-scroll to scroll horizontally (and scroll without modifiers scrolls vertically). Audacity follows this same convention. It would be jarring to the user to break convention.

Some software do things differently like QCad, but that’s kind of an oddball application (and I have to retrain my brain every time I use it).

I’ve looked at this problem before in different DAWs and audio editors: Consensus is to have the wheel zoom for audio editors, but scroll for DAWs. Audition switches up what the scroll wheel means depending on which mode you’re in, which is, frankly, insane.

We possibly could have this as a preference, but I don’t think the default should be changed for the reasons christop points out.

yes a preference for one hand mode navigation with wheel scroll/drag to zoom and move is what I need as most of other software I use (blender,unity…) follow this convention.