Zoom R16 setup

Window Vista
Toshiba Laptop
Audacity ver 2.0.6
I want to configure Audacity to connect via USB port on Zoom R16. I don’t seem to know how to configure the software to receive inputs from the Zoom R16. I set the Zoom R16 for USB audio interface.

Did you install the drivers?

Does the Zoom show up in Windows Control Panel? If Windows “sees” your device, Audacity can usually use it.

It appears that you can only record the stereo mix via USB. If you want to record multitrack, you’ll need to record to the Zoom, and then transfer the files to your computer. I don’t know how to do that, you’ll have to check your owner’s manual.

Use Device Toolbar to set the recording device to Zoom.

Connect the Zoom before starting Audacity.