YouTube won't upload videos with Audacity's exported audio

I have been trying to upload a video to Youtube, and through lots of trial and error I have discovered anytime I use an exported audio from Audacity, it causes the “Processing abandoned” issue on YouTube.
I have checked to make sure we’re using 44100 HZ, I have tried different Bit depths, Wavs, Mp3s, converted the file online and then added it to an MP4… but nothing works.
The video will play perfectly fine on the computer, but as soon as it uploads onto Youtube - boom processing abandoned.
I’m using Audacity 3.2.4
I have also tried exporting with a constant bit rate, rather than “preset”.

I’m just wanting to know, if someone tried to export audio, then convert to mp4 and upload to Youtube, is it coming up “Processing abandoned” for them too?

What software are you using to multiplex (combine) the audio & video?

Most video editing software can accept almost any audio format and then convert it to almost any format when the A/V file is rendered.

YouTube also accepts most A/V formats.

YouTube Formats

There’s a pile of suggestions on a Google Search.

That’s my question. I would be making a plain, ordinary video with sound and then convert the whole thing to a YouTube acceptable format.


I’m just using an online converter MP3 to MP4. It produces a blank video with the audio - this plays perfectly fine on my computer… and I tried this same procedure with another piece of audio not from Audacity, and it was able to upload and process on Youtube fine… however, as soon as I use Audacity and convert it to MP4 - it won’t work. I tried using the FFMPEG library to export an mp4 straight from Audacity, and this wouldn’t process either.

What happens if you post a still image instad of the blank screen? YouTube doesn’t much like hosting sound with no picture.


What converter? I’ll bet there is no video at all.

You can have MP4 audio-only file, commonly named M4A or AAC, but sometimes named MP4,

A black video would probably be OK but a still image converted to video would probably be better.

Normally you use a video editor to combine audio & video. Most can import a still image and convert it to still video. There are free video editors if you don’t want to buy one. I’ve used s couple of non-free video editors, Cyberlink Power Director and Corel Video Stusio.

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