Youtube music videos downloaded from "YTMP3 (dot) com can not be edited?

For years I have downloaded Youtube videos to MP3’s using YTMP3 (dot) com and was always able to edit them after with Audacity program. About mid Sept, I noticed a change in YTMP3 web page, before that editing downloaded MP3’s always worked using Audacity. Now when their MP3’s are loaded into Audacity they show a fraction of a second long and will not play or be editable, yet the downloaded MP3 plays perfect on every other player on my PC Using Windows 10 and updated regularly. Every downloaded is scanned before opening.
Any work around suggestions?

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There are other tools & websites for ripping-off YouTube. Most of them will give you an audio/video file but if you have FFmpeg installed Audacity should be able to open the audio. And apparently, YouTube periodically “changes things” to make it harder…

Or you can use Audacity and [u]WASAPI (loopback)[/u] to record the audio as it plays.

I noticed that importing mp3s converted on that site you use to audacity just recently started glitching. I switched converting websites and the new website works. Its something about that YTMP3 website that is glitchy. I was messing with all these settings in audacity figuring it was their issue lol. Im a hip hop artist and need to record songs so it was quite frustrating. I happened to figure this out by accident after playing around for what seemed like an eternity. I ended up downloading one hip hop beat directly from the producers website.