Youtube audio samplerate; cut off in spectrogram?

Hey everyone, this question might seem noobish, but what is the true sample rate of youtube videos? I cut this sample from a video to try in a game. Even if the vid had HD image, and “48khz” audio, the attachment below is a pic, the left audacity window is the one from youtube, the right window is a sample exctracted from the game.

Am I being just fooled here and the actual sample rate of the youtube video is just 32khz?

The audio will display the worst sample rate of the process.

For example, if you included download music in your top quality production, the music would have all the restrictions and distortions of the ratty download you used, not the high quality of the show.

This is why we urge strongly not to use compressed sound (MP3) or music files anywhere. They’re little time bombs.

YouTube is an end-product service. They compress and manage the display quality so it looks and sounds OK and they don’t have to store as much data. It’s not a good service to use as content source.

There was a poster in Maine who created a music radio show using downloaded music. The station could broadcast his show, but they couldn’t make the station’s own podcast work. The music turned to distorted trash.


Apparently YouTube transcodes 48kHz sample-rate to 44.1kHz

Odds are you can’t hear above 16kHz anyway, so you’re not losing out.
The signal above 16kHz could just be artefact noises.