You can separate a subliminal audio files?


I need to solve a problem of some audio files purchased online.
I just want to know if it would be possible to solve it with Audacity in the latest version.

In practice, these are some subliminal music files, which contain a text recorded in the background to a backing track.
The text is not audible to the human ear but detectable at an unconscious level.

I would like to dissociate the musical part and extract the text but do not know how to proceed.

Audacity allows you to do that?
Could you, please, give me some guidance on the commands to use?

I’m not really practical for this program, I need only to this need.


Or at least, that is what is claimed. How do you know that the text is there if you can’t detect it? You are trusting that it is what it says it is.

You will need to know what method has been used to “hide” the text. For example, back-masking, forward masking, frequency shifting, frequency modulation, some other technique.

There is a good chance that you can retrieve the text in an audible form if: 1) the text exists, 2) You know what method has been used to hide it.

I do not know the method used in the site are not talking about this. I can say that there is something dumb because I also have a file, that is, without music, you need to listen to while you sleep. If active Windows Media palyer and active graphic effects, then I see that the effects are synchronized with something. Suppose therefore that there is a text.
If I try different systems with Audacity, I can try to retrieve the text?

One technique that might work.

  1. Import the file into Audacity (File menu > Import)
  2. Effect menu > Nyquist Prompt
  3. Copy and Paste the code below into the Nyquist Prompt text box, then click the OK button

(defun ssb-demodulator (sound)
  (highpass8 (lowpass8 (s-max 0 sound) 3000) 300))

(scale 5 (multichan-expand #'ssb-demodulator s))

Ok thanks Steve :slight_smile:
But there is no procedure more automatic in Audacity? There are commands that allow to separate two or more audio tracks? These files subliminal have a voice as a base and a music that overlaps with the item. It exists in Audacity is more intuitive and simple?

There is no automatic procedure for separating out an unknown and inaudible signal from music. It’s a bit like asking if I have a gadget for extracting an unknown substance that is dissolved in a cup of coffee. If we knew exactly how the voice had been hidden in the music, then there “may” (or may not) be a way to extract that voice, but as we don’t know how the voice is hidden, (and we don’t even know with 100% certainty that there is a hidden voice), then there is not much chance of being able to extract it. My previous post is my best shot - it is based on a technique that is quite commonly used (as described in Lowry’s US Patent 5,159,703 October 27, 1992) for hiding subliminal messages.

Ok I understand Steve, thanks :slight_smile:
If I send a subliminal file, you want to test to divide the music in the text? I am still not able to use Audacity, you’re definitely an expert and you are able to find out whether you can get a positive result. The site from which I purchased the subliminal file is this:
If you give me an email address, I’ll send you a sample file.

Do they tell you what the text is supposed to be? Or do you wake up and say “I don’t like peanut butter today for some bizarre reason…” Then you know it worked?


You would probably do better by asking them directly. If they are genuine they should be happy to answer a customer enquiry. However, looking at some of their products (such as “best sellers: Attract Money in Abundance, The Rules of Attraction, Losing Weight Permanently, Develop Psychic Abilities, …”) I have doubts about their sincerity. If it’s just a scam you probably won’t get a satisfactory reply from them, but at least you won’t be wasting more time on it.

Some of the visualizations in windows media player are only partially dependent on the audio file : in some cases if you play a totally-silent audio-file, moving-graphics are still displayed …
a visualization of silence on Windows media player##.gif


I’ve used audacity for some time now, I’ve also been purchasing/using subliminal messages for a while, however, my suspicion has been raised by the fact that the silent version of the subliminal tracks show no waveform in Audacity. I understand this could be due to the frequency they have been recorded at and that this may not display in Audacity - therefore appears as a flat line. The audible versions contain wave soundscapes as a background - or maybe that’s all they are and there is no subliminal behind it? In which case, I’ve been ripped off.

I’ve also tried the above Nyquist function and there is no difference - the waveform is still a flat line.

This company may be legit and using advanced processing or just relying on the placebo effect caused by the power of suggestion coupled with the use of relaxing soundscapes. They do include a copy of the script they claim is encoded into each subliminal program - but that does not guarantee anything, other than potentially re-enforcing the scam.

I will contact them now to ask exactly what processes they are using to encode the message and what frequency they are recording at

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Audacity’s spectrogram display would show any frequencies present , even at a very low “subliminal” level.