I tried taking a video to show you guys instead of just typing, but apparently a minute and a half is too long for this forum. Anyway I downloaded audacity and plugged in my Yeti nano USB mic and it reads fine. I can hear myself and everything. But when I go to play back my recording, I can’t hear it through the headphones even though they’re plugged into the mic, and the mic just starts flashing yellow even though it was able to record fine. I’m not huge on tech or electronics so normal English responses would be appreciated. It’s like I did 9/10 steps and for some reason the last 1 step to get it to work is invisible and for some reason google searches aren’t coming up with anything similar or even remotely helpful. Thanks in advanced

Have you selected the Yeti as your [u]Playback Device[/u]?

and the mic just starts flashing yellow

I didn’t see anything about that in the online set-up guide so you might have to ask Blue what it means.

Sample rate mismatch. For example, your recording system may be at 44100 and your play system is 48000.

For complex productions, they have to match.