Yeti microphone not recording in stereo in Audacity. Why not?

I recently purchased a Yeti Blue microphone ( When I open up Audacity, the microphone is recognized immediately on my Mac, but it doesn’t record in stereo, only mono.

Just because I thought that perhaps the connection might be the problem in that I was going through a Splitter (, I attempted to plug the mike directly into the computer using a USB-USB-C Adapter.

The microphone is recognized and I’m able to verify that I can now record in stereo, when I hit the “record” button, I get this:


Error opening recording device.

Error code: -9986 Internal PortAudio error.

More information about this error may be available


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I googled the error and found this page: No recording level, but the permissions are set and everything looks OK.

So, I’m stuck!

Anybody have any ideas on what I’m missing?

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