Hi all!

I recently got a Lenovo ideapad 100s and I downloaded on my laptop that operates using windows 10. I’m having an issue with my Yeti microphone working with audacity. At first I was having an issue with recording with the microphone on my laptop but that ended up getting fixed in the end (when I googled around) but I still haven’t figured out to fix the issue with my Yeti microphone. I’m having multiple problems, as of right now.

  1. My yeti microphone is recognised on my laptop but when I check the device manager, the sound level thing (picture below) isn’t showing any sound, as opposed to what it’s showing on my laptop microphone. The Blue Yeti microphone is recognised but not working on my laptop itself and in audacity.
    making oise.png
  2. (because of what’s happening up above) My audio is hidden before zero (on audacity), and it repeatedly happens.
    making oisee.png

I don’t remember how I fixed #2 on my previous laptop, as I’ve had that one for 2 years, sadly, so I can’t even address this issue by myself (or with google).

Please help!

Thank you!

Are there any drivers or support software? I note you can manage the stereo service and that’s not a hardware selection, so there has to be software control somehow. I know the Stereo/Mono switching in Audacity can be the switch between working and not. It’s disturbing that Windows thinks it’s a stereo device, which means it “knows” about the special processes. It’s a mono microphone.

Does it say in clear English the microphone will work in Windows 10? This isn’t a clean, simple microphone working with default, simple drivers.


Hidden Before Zero is something that happens when you overdub. When you sing to yourself over and over again (your own barbershop trio), Audacity makes sure parts two, three, etc overlay perfectly by shifting around the track timing. Under certain conditions a track will need to be pushed to the left slightly. It doesn’t mean you sang the notes before you sang them or other time travel anomaly, it just means Audacity tagged them as requiring moving.

It’s disturbing that your first and only track has this problem.

Do you get that when you disconnect the Yeti and use the built-in one? Restart the machine before you try.


Blue microphones do not officially support Windows 10. Is this a standard Yeti, not Yeti Pro? Yeti Pro requires drivers, but there are no Windows 10 drivers.

The most common solution I can find online is to be sure you are using a USB 2.0 port, not a blue-coloured USB 3.0 port.

Assuming it is not a Yeti Pro, you can also try right-click over Yeti on on the Recording tab of Windows Sound as you show, and choose “Properties”. Click the “Advanced” tab and set Default Format to 48000 Hz. Make sure both Exclusive Mode boxes are ticked (checked).

Restart Audacity. In Device Toolbar, choose “Windows DirectSound” host. You may need to reselect Yeti as recording device. Set Project Rate bottom left of Audacity to 48000 Hz.