Yet another person in need of Ess removal

The task, if you choose to accept it , is to help a newbie remove heavy Ess sounds and P Plosions from six minutes of recorded audio. The original track was recorded over a decade ago so post-production is the only option. I have included a snippet of audio including a spicy ess.

Windows 7 64bit
Audacity 2.0.5

So did you read the posts that offered solutions? :wink: Only you know how you want it to sound.

You probably want to install a VST plug-in. See here for how to install a VST plug-in: . Be sure to only get 32-bit plug-ins, because Audacity can’t see 64-bit plug=ins.

You could try LISP or Spitfish .


Hello Gale. I have already read about the spitfish plug-in as well as installed it, but when I tried it myself It did not seem to reduce the effect more than a negligible amount. Good to know that only 32-bit versions will work. I will look into LISP now.


You can try something a little different. Select one of those crashing “S” sounds – by itself – and use that as the profile step in Effect > Noise Reduction. Then select a bunch of the performance and apply Noise Reduction. If that gets you sorta close, try editing several S sounds together and use that for the profile. The “S” sound in overload normally goes up in pitch which is what I think SpitFish may be looking for. Yours goes down.