Yamaha THR5 amp as interface

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I was wondering if there is a way to use the Yamaha THR5 amp as an audio interface without using the Cubase drivers they want you to download.

“Rescan Recording Devices” doesn’t work….

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The first thing to do is see if the Mac is connecting to the THR-5.

Go to System Preferences (or System Settings in Ventura), then Sound, then Input. Is the TRH-5 listed there? If it is, click on it to select it then play something through it and see if the input level meter bounces.

Thanks Bill,

No, doesn’t show up as an input option in Sound.

I should mention the USB cable is in good working order as well.

Then it won’t show up in Audacity.

Have you tried contacting Yamaha, or looking for any forums where the TRH5 is discussed?

Yes, I posted on the Reddit THR Forum, but there is not a lot of activity there. I’m going to try Quora today.

I haven’t reached out to Yamaha yet, but I will. I figure they’ll just relentlessly encourage me to download their software.

I thought for sure the Mac would at least recognize there was a component plugged into the USB….

I am having this same problem. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the driver six or seven times. There’s a companion doc in the install file that talks about starting the Mac in recovery mode to manually select the volume for install and then bypassing the security settings there but that seems really silly.

I’m not seeing the amp as an exception in security preferences, THR remote doesn’t recognize it either. Most other forums are just suggesting to change the security preferences, but when the amp doesn’t show up there - I don’t know how to get around that!

More than silly. :skull_and_crossbones:

It may only support ASIO and Audacity doesn’t support ASIO (unless you compile it yourself).

Most DAWs support ASIO but most are not free.

You could use a USB audio interface connected to the amp’s analog output but you’d lose any “software features”

Most hardware and software that supports ASIO also supports standard Windows/MAC drivers, but not all. There is a Fender USB amp that only supports ASIO so it doesn’t work with Audacity either.

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