Yamaha MIDI files

I purchased Yamaha files for my Yamaha keyboard and wish to add lyrics to them. Is this possible in Audacity? I can concatenate them together but it would be nice to press the LYRICS button on my keyboard to see them.

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MIDI isn’t actually music. It’s machine control. The first time your system actually makes music is probably the speaker or headphone connection of the keyboard. I use my headphone connection to drive a large sound system and a sound recorder.

Picture my music keyboard on the right instead of my sound mixer.

You can record that on your computer and then use regular Audacity Overdubbing to add your voice in post production.


That will let you listen to the music on headphones while you sing and create a vocal track—or as many as you want.

Audacity is not the best MIDI manager. If you need anything more exciting than that, you may need a different program.


I accidentally put 2 files together but now can’t seem to do it. loaded .mid file1 and .mid file 2 then somehow dragged file 2 to the end of file 1 but can’t seem to do it again. Please advise. I do not want to modify the files just put them together and export as one file.

You can cut and paste in Note tracks. However, MIDI (and thus Note Tracks) contain commands for setting the instruments, tempo, tuning and various other parameters. Copy and pasting MIDI between different files may cause unexpected results due to the affect of such commands continuing until reset.

One file may use the standard MIDI piano sound (usually the default MIDI instrument). Another MIDI file may redefine the piano sound as a clarinet sound.
If you cut and paste the first MIDI to the end of the second MIDI, the clarinet sound will probably carry over to the other file (which should have been a piano sound). There’s no simple way to resolve this kind of issue - you would need to use a full featured MIDI editor instead of Audacity.

In cases where the MIDI files are just notes and don’t have “controller messages”, cut and paste should work without problems.

What would be a full featured MIDI program since I would really like to do this?

Thank you

You could try https://musescore.org/en
or Cakewalk by BandLab
There are others.