x1832usb mixer board

does anyone else have one of these? I can’t seem to do multi track recording. Maybe I’m not hooked up right. Any ideas for a newbe?

Have you tried looking at the product’s Manual http://www.behringer.com/assets/X1622USB_X1832USB_X2222USB_X2442USB_M_EN.pdf ?

Name all the from and to connections you have now, and your selections in Device Toolbar .


Gale, Thank you for trying to help me…I just downloaded the 1832usb manual. The one that came with the board was incomplete to say the least. My problem is that I can record a track and play it back, but when I try recording a second track, it won’t let me hear what I already recorded, and when I reconfigure so I CAN hear the first track, it won’t record any more. I called a friend of mine who has a recording studio but no experience with the Behringer boards, and he thinks the problem is with the software. Maybe I don’t have it loaded or configured right. Any advice you can offer will be great. Thanks again

Transport > Overdub must be on (checked) if you want to hear the previous track while recording.

If you turn off overdub then this should not affect what you are recording at all. This suggests you may be playing the mixer through the built in sound device then recording stereo mix, or the mixer is set up to send only Audacity playback back to Audacity, so that’s all it records.

In Device Toolbar it would be normal I think to set the output device to the USB mixer (then monitor using the headphones out of the mixer), and to set the input device to the USB mixer. Are you connecting the mixer to the computer using the USB cable?

If you need more help please state which version of Windows you are using and the exact three-section version of Audacity from Help > About Audacity (see the pink panel at the top of the page).


Thank you Gale…I’m using a new lap top with windows 8 and that may be the problem. I’m not sure if the mixer board divers are compatible. I have been watching the tutorials on youtube but they have been of no use. I may need to pay someone to come over and set this thing up for me. This is supposed to be fun and it’s just been a pain. Thank you so much for trying to help me. Greg

When you have recorded one track then record another with Transport > Software Playthrough on, what happens exactly? I was guessing it recorded the first track and not the second, but does something else happen, for example it only records a flat line?

The 1832 should be plug’n’play (extra drivers not essential) as far as I know.

Have you downloaded drivers for it? The Behringer drivers are ASIO-enabled. ASIO drivers will not work with Audacity as shipped.

It’s more likely to be a mixer setup issue (see above).

Make it simple by connecting the USB cable to the computer and setting the USB mixer as input and output in Device Toolbar.

According to the 1832USB Manual, the MAIN MIX is sent to the computer over the USB cable. You need to route the audio you want to record to MAIN MIX using the 2-TR/USB TO MAIN button on the mixer.

You could also try asking on the Behringer Forums:
http://forum.behringer.com/forumdisplay.php?17-Recording-General-Discussion .