X-Wing fighter radio vocal effect?

Win 10
Aud. 2.3.2

I’m looking to reproduce that warbly, distorted radio sound you hear when the X-Wing fighter pilots speak on their radios.

That doable with Audacity?


It’s a long time since I’ve seen StarWars, but the usual approach for creating a “walkie-talkie” type effect is:

  1. Apply some distortion (For example, the “Leveller” distortion https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/distortion.html)
  2. Apply a “band pass filter” (For example, the "walkie-talkie preset https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/equalization.html)

I got lost after following the link & clicking on the download.

This is EXACTLY what I’m shooting for!


Copy & paste the code into Nyquist prompt

X-fighter-ish code in Audcaity's Nyquist Prompt.png
Then apply Nyquist prompt like any other Audacity effect.

Then you have to apply a phone/walkie-talkie/ radio effect,
(i.e. 200Hz-4000Hz bandpass with hard compression).

Then you’ll need to perfect an Australian accent :slight_smile:

Argg! Tried that (with both codes) & just got a message- “Nyquist returned nil audio”

I think that translates as: you didn’t select the audio you wish the code to be applied to …


Womp wooomp! Thanks! :slight_smile: