Wrong Cover Art

Using Windows 7: Audacity 2.3.3

I had to do some Metadata edits on some ACX/Audibles books (QA rejected on grounds of Author’s title didn’t match the book art).

When I downloaded the files from the ACX site, the files have artwork attached from a song downloaded (purchased) for my current project, and it seems the artwork has “infected” all subsequent files I uploaded. If it helps in explanation: I downloaded watermarked mp3 songs (“Audio Jungle”) and uploaded 12 for the author to approve. I then purchased his choice, and re-edited with the authorized wav file. It seems the files I edited between the spec version and final versions all have the artwork attached – even though I didn’t use the mp3 clip in the other files.

1)Is there a way to edit/strip the artwork.
2) How do I keep it from happening next time.
3) If I need a Metadata editor, any good free ones out there?


Audacity does not support cover art, so any audio files exported from Audacity are guaranteed to not have embedded artwork.

Steve: Thanks for the quick reply. My question, then, is how the artwork got attached to the file somehow in the MP3 Export? That was the last edit before I uploaded the files. I did have the Metadata editor pop up with the incorrect info – meaning the info from the downloaded music clip – and I had to re-edit the info. However, there is no cover art field to edit! I’m thinking this is the step?

Thanks. Cow.

Player software can get artwork from various places, embedded, a separate file in the “album” folder, online, some player software may have it’s own separate metadata database… If there is an embedded image, I believe most players will default to that. (You can have more than one embedded image and that can give “surprising” results.)

  1. If I need a Metadata editor, any good free ones out there?


I thought this question might follow :wink:

Have you noticed that some media players show cover art for audio CDs?
Standard audio CDs do not support cover art. :confused:
What is happening in this case is that the media player searches on-line, or in a local database, to find cover art that it thinks belongs with the CD. Some media players will also do this for audio files as well as audio CDs.

The Metadata Editor in Audacity does not show a cover art field, because Audacity does not support cover art. There’s a long-standing feature request for Audacity to embed artwork, but so far it doesn’t, and there are no immediate plans to embed images in exported files.

Steve: You da best! I bow to the master :smiley: !
Thanks for the added info on CD’s not supporting artwork. I was surprised, because my Windows Media Player showed the art for some files but not others. I also downloaded the new Winamp with the same results (remember the old AOL Winamp? This is faster loading and better sound quality than WMP). Looks like I don’t have anything to worry about, and I deleted the art from my download folder (the same folder I was downloading my ACX post files into), and that fixed the problem on my end!

And Happy Birthday to Audacity, and you rock star team members!