would it work to take a track, duplicate it

jack the second track up 2 or 3 ocatives and it be in tune with the first trak and what settings would you suggest.

what would you use pitch shifter

I’ve done that, but usually only +/-1 octave, (aka +/-12 semitones),
and the pitch-shifted duplicate is mixed in at a low level, say, 15dB below the level of the original.
Tick “Use high-quality stretching (slow)”, unless you want a conspicuously electronic effect.


Yeah, this is a common method of writing to create layers in music.

Just be sure to apply some EQ to the two tracks to create some balance. Have the source track EQ’d to look after the lower end of the spectrum and the jacked up track EQ’d for the higher end. Avoiding them clashing will separate them out nicely and let them each shine through.

Hey thanks for the advice, I ended up putting a capo on the 12th fret of my jackson dinky, dirty tube amp on right side and clean acoustic on left. Very pleased with this program.