Working with Networked Files/Opening Multiple at Once

Hi, I just upgraded to Audacity 3.1.3 from 2.4.6, and have had two major points stick out to me so far that I much preferred in the older version.

First: Working with files saved on a network drive.

In the old version of audacity, if I had a file open that was saved on a networked location, and I lost (and then regained) my network connection, nothing would happen so long as I did not attempt to save before my connection was restored.

Now, if I lose my connection and regain it, Audacity is no longer able to pick up where I left off. I need to close the program (however many instances of it I have open), choose to submit or not submit all the error reports associated with the now “missing” file location, and then re-open the files.

Second: Opening multiple files at once.

In the old version of audacity, when opening multiple files (example: 10 audacity projects labeled 001 through 010) at once, the windows would open in numerical order, or at least the order in which the files were selected from the Open dialog.

Now, if I open multiple files at once, the order in which the windows open appears to be random.

I do not like either of these changes.

Do not work on Audacity projects on a network drive. If it must be on a network, copy the project back and forth as needed.

This wasn’t an issue with older versions of Audacity. I’d rather just downgrade.

Old versions are available here:
The culmination of the 2.x series (with the old “.AUP” + “_data” folder) was Audacity 2.4.2