Working Audacity foot controller, I need suggestions.

Hello all, I have a foot pedal made for recording in Audacity. Right now I have it setup for 6 buttons (Foot Switches). No real reason for 6 switches, that is just the number I picked. I have zero experience in Audacity and that is why I am here on the forums. I want to record guitar, sax, etc. with a foot pedal instead of the keyboard and mouse.

The only way I have thought about it is to record a fresh track or over dub. Am I missing something? What steps do you guys take to record in Audacity?

I will post all of the project information here when I get a chance.

I have included a pic of the fully working prototype. I just got the foot switches in yesterday. I will have updated pics soon.

Audacity Foot Controller2.JPG

That will be easiest if you enable the option to “Record on a new track” (

As you have 6 keys available, some useful commands might be:

Play/Stop (“space”)
Record (“R” or “Shift + R”)
Cursor Short Jump Left (“comma”)
Cursor Short Jump Right (“dot”)
Cursor Long Jump Left (“Shift+comma”)
Cursor Long Jump Right (“Shift+dot”)

The full list of default shortcuts is here:

Thanks for the info Steve. I will have to check out the cursor jump options. I just got in the last few parts to put it all together. I will share the final product and code on here when its done.

Thanks again,

First thing I do when I get here is wake up an old thread. So forgive me, but does anyone have anymore input on how to use a footswitch with Audacity. Practical tips before a newbie springs for the X-Keys $99 unit? Simplicity is a plus. Using Windows 10.