Workflow for noise reduction of mov/dv file


I am in the process of converting VHS tapes and storing as dv files (mov is the container – I’m importing using iMovie). I’m wondering, once I’ve reduced noise, how best to alter the dv/mov file to save the newly noise-reduced audio. Here’re the steps I took:

  1. Open .mov file in Audacity 2.1.1
  2. Effect → Noise Reduction for noise profile, and then to filter.

My options now are to Export or Save Project, but ideally I’d love to just save the dv/mov file as is, with the corrected sound in place. I’m assuming this might not be possible, but figured I’d ask – should my question then be directed at iMovie folks?

Apologies if this question has been answered before, I did my best Google/Audacity Forum search before I posted.

Last word was Audacity will read the audio from many video formats, it won’t write one. You still need a video editor to produce a corrected video file.


Ah darn. Ok, thanks for the reply. This is going to take forever! :slight_smile:

Avidemux is a free video editor which can allow you to replace the audio* without re-encoding the video , ( re-encoding degrades the video quality ). I’m not sure that is possible with “MOV” format files though.

[ * e.g. after processing in Audacity ]

MOV files should be writable by AVIdemux if you set “MP4 Muxer” for “Output Format”.