Workflow-breaking issue with Repeat and Copy/Pasting

I’m working on a music track by generating a rythm track with the correct bpm, then splitting the track’s first beats and repeating those clips for the duration of the track to get snappable references for the duration of the track. This is on 3.2.1.

I then record small segments of a given track (ex : two measures of a drum beat), adjust the timing as per my rythm track’s beats, then repeat the corrected clip for as long as I need it.

This has been my method for the past years with no issue.

During this project though, as insane as it sounds, my repeat and even copy pasting functions have become inconsistent :

  • My repeat seems to add in more time in my clips, because that’s the only reason why a perfectly timed clip repeated over a long duration could become more and more offset with each new clip.
  • The tedious workaround I found was to manually copy paste a well-timed clip to the next beat I need. But even that is inconsistent. Pasting the same clip will be properly timed about 40% of the time, be 00020s early 40% of the time, and 00020s late 10% of the time.

I was even able to reproduce this nonsensical delay in a brand new project with just one rythm track (bpm is 152 in 4:4) and a simple 2-note beat that I repeat 40 times.

I’m going insane having to copy pasting each single clip over and over while correcting the offset 50% of the time. There must be a way to fix this, right?

Repro-steps :

  1. Open a project in Audacity.
  2. Create a rhythm track.
  3. To measure accuracy, split the track at the start of each of the first few beats.
  4. Delete the rest and repeat your split clips over a long duration, eg. 1-2 minutes or more.
  5. Record a small, simple clip, like a snare hit that coincide with the first and third beat.
  6. Split your clip so the end of your clip coincides with the instant the clip should loop (ie the next measure’s first beat).
  7. Repeat your snare hits clip over the same duration.
  8. Notice, later down the timeline, that your snare hits become out of time with your rhythm track.

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