Work sequence with songs in Audacity.

As we are always learning in Audacity, I have been doing a lot of audio work with students. Mainly recording of musical instruments and vocals such as: Keyboard, Guitar, Guitar, Drums, Brass (Saxophone and Flute) and Electric Bass. Given the procedures for quality work, I don’t always know if I’m correctly using a sequence of tools for a satisfactory quality project. Our work is summarized in the script below, in case any friend can carry out an assessment, guidance or even a teaching related to this already, I am very grateful.

After the audio has already been captured and the tracks have already been opened in Audacity, I carry out the following procedure for each track, taking special care with the brass and vocals:

01 - Eliminate the noise from the electrical network (Puglin Filter Notoch)

02 - Eliminate background noise (Noise reduction plugin)

03 - Eliminate the Clicks (removal of clicks plugin)

04 - I silence the empty sections where there are noises, noises, crackles and others (toolbar).

05 - I eliminate the sub bass of the vocal (plugin Filter Curve).

06 - Normalize to -6 (Normalize plugin)

07 - Equalize the vocal (bass and treble plugin).

08 - I apply reverb to the vocal (Reverb plugin)

09 - I normalize the height to -16 standard Youtube (Normalize height plugin).

10 - I apply the Limiter (Limiter plugin -3.5 / 10.00 / 0

11 - I export the project in WAVE format

12 - I open the project in WAVE format - all tracks already mixed (Compress Dynamics plugin) with the following settings:
Compress ratio: -0.770
Attack exponent: 4,000

Any opinion, teaching, criticism and guidance will be very welcome!

Hug friends!!