Woow!. Fantastic ideas for new skins!

There are many talented people eager to help improve the graphic look of this great editor :smiley: :

http://hectech.deviantart.com/art/Audacity-Flat-Interface-Concept-533910204 :astonished: :

http://higorsm25.deviantart.com/art/Audacity-for-Windows-10-Concept-553216132 :astonished: :

Some terrific ideas.


Hi, I would like to try this theme on 2.1.2. Will it work ? If yes, please tell me how to use it.

So what became of this?

It was a mock-up of someone’s ideas back in 2016. As far as I’m aware, no code was written.

sHendricks’s “Arc” theme is similarly dark …

I was afraid of that. Thank you.

That is exactly why I was trying to compile Audacity on macOS and on Windows. As soon as I understand all the process (end to end) I will be able to try to at least understand where are the graphic elements and propose light changes to them. At least in my own local instance of Audacity!

I was trying to compile Audacity to macOS but I realized I was not able to run the scrip in the last step (no admin rights). Bummer.
Also, I tried to compile Audacity in Windows platform but did not succeeded… later on I realied I was using Visual Studio 2019 instead of Visual Studio 2017. Also, later on I understood there is a minor modification that Audacity project made to the wxWidgets version 3.1.1.

But I will get there. Once I am able to compile and describe all of the steps, in a super detailed fashion (handholding almost) and update the wiki (or making this available anywhere else) we will have the chance to see new changes.

Unless users can compile Audacity code into their own platforms we will only receive image proposals and not real changes in the UI based on the current code base.

Fingers crossed.
Thank you.

It’s worth noting that some graphics used in the UI are not image files, but are compiled directly into the code, and some as XPM pixel maps
Example: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/blob/master/images/ToolsButtons/IBeam.xpm