Audacity Arc


“Arc” theme is dark and sober: right up my street.
But the spectrogram display is going to take some getting used to …

May be my astigmatism, but it looks 3D :
as if the selected area on the spectrogram is slightly further away than the rest of the screen.

Love it. My eyes are a bit sensitive atm (I’ve already switched my OSX into “dark mode” permanently) so something like this is just what I need :smiley:

This is pretty good. If I eventually start using Audacity on a long-term basis I’ll probably start using this.

This is really great. Tried it.

Very, very nice! Thanks for this.

Wow! This is really nice. Do you know where should one go to be able to enable such a theme in a local instance of audacity?
Is this specific to any platform (Win, Linux, Mac) or any Audacity version? Can this be used with the latest audacity version (in the moment of my writing we are with the 2.3.3 version).

Does anybody know if we have a repository of themes, skins, logos, icons for Audacity project? Like addons? :sunglasses:

Thank you for your contribution. Super cool!

I think this topic (and the theme) are new enough to work on 2.3.3.

Themes should work on any platform, though there are likely to be some differences depending on the platform (operating system) and Desktop theme.

We don’t currently have a repository for themes, other than this forum board.
Theme support in Audacity is still subject to change, and future versions of Audacity may break compatibility with older themes. The main developer of Audacity’s theme support would like to provide much greater flexibility for theming, but that is not possible with the current mechanism.

Theme support is not likely to change in the next year or so (due to other priorities), so it is reasonably safe for enthusiasts to continue using them.