Won't save as mp3 [SOLVED]

I am trying to save my podcast as an MP3 so i can edit together and post to Youtube. I already have the latest version of LAME encorder. I edited two different recordings together, for a podcast. When i try to save it as an MP3, it just save’s it as a file. But only one time it saved as an mp3 but with out the second recording that i saved it together.

YouTube does not support MP3s only videos (in a compatible format.
There are many “free” online services that allow you to upload an audio file and a picture and will combine the two for you and upload to YouTube. Most of these “free” services are advert supported, which means they will slap an advert on your YouTube post.
Alternatively you can use a video production tool (example, MovieMaker) to make your own video, and then upload it to YouTube.

Where possible, avoid doing production in MP3. MP3 is a “lossy” format, which means that you lose quality. Encoding the video should be the final step in the production - if possible, keep the audio in high quality WAV format throughout the production and encode to a supported video format at the end.

I*f you use a video editing application to create your video, then you probably don’t need to join them together in Audacity - just put them into the video editing software.

If you are using a YouTube upload service, then you may need to use Audacity to join them together, in which case:

  1. Import both files (preferably WAV files) into Audacity. They will appear one under the other in the Tracks window.
  2. “Tracks menu > Align > Align End to End”
  3. If required, use the Time Shift tool to adjust the track position of the second track.
  4. Export Audio (File menu).

I am using Windows movie Maker to ad a picture, so I can then save it and post it to youtube. My problem is when i go to save the audio from Audacity as an mp3, it saves as a file, so it won’t open up in Movie Maker.

You need to select “File menu > Export Audio” not “File menu > Save”.
See here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/export.html

When you export, do not put dots (periods) in the name of the MP3. If the file name must contain a dot, add “.mp3” (without quotes) to the end of the file name when you export.



I should have made my comment more precise. I do go to Export Audio, and make sure that MP3 Files is selected. But it saves it as a File, so it won’t open up in Windows Movie Maker.

Thank You! That was my problem.