Won't record instruments

For starters, I’m a complete beginner with Audacity and recording audio in general. My wife has developed an interest in recording at home so I bought a mixer and mic. I connected the mic, her keyboard and my guitar to the mixer and was able to record. I installed Audacity on her laptop and for some odd reason, it will only record the mic, not the keyboard nor guitar. I moved the mic to different inputs on the mixer and Audacity will record voice no matter where I connect it. However, it will not record keyboard nor guitar.

I purchased a USB audio interface to try to overcome the problem but got exactly the same results. I see input signal on the interface when I play the keyboard but it will not register the input in audacity. Only the mic.

I don’t have this issue on my laptop. Any idea what would cause this? Why will a signal from a mic pick up but not from an instrument when I can plainly see the input on the USB audio interface light up when I tap the keyboard?

I assume you are on Windows? Check Windows “Enhancements”.

Windows seems to be getting very-good at blocking-out everything that’s not voice.

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DVDdoug, if you were here I’d hug your neck!!! Thank you friend!

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