Won't recognize my Focusrite interface

I’ve tried to uninstall and re-install the audacity app. I tapped on Transport and pressed scan for audio devices and nothing pops up. I would truly appreciate it if someone can walk me through this process. Thank you

Your Focusrite may be defective.

  1. Plugin the Focusrite, turn it on, and connect the USB cord.
  2. Wait a minute for the computer to see the device.
  3. Audacity Transport > Rescan Audio Devices
  4. Audacity Setup should now see the Focusrite. It may show up as a generic USB device.
  5. Windows should show the device if you right-click on the Speaker ICON in the taskbar and select the 4th entry: “SOUNDS”. You unit should show up on the Playback and Recording tabs.
  6. If Windows doesn’t show the device, contact Focusrite.

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