Wireless microphone sounds metalic

I have been using a corded mic via XLR jack without issue. However, I recently tried plugging a wireless mic/receiver into the port, and the output was very metallic/tinny.

Any suggestions for things I could check to try and diagnose the problem? What would cause the output to sound so much worse?

Windows “audio enhancements” enabled on the USB (receiver) device …
[ Such enhancements can be enabled by default: you don’t have to turn them on ],
Other similar audio enhancements exist, e.g. MaxxAudio, & DTS.

If that doesn’t fix it, tell us exactly what hardware you have and provide any links you have.

Lots of unknowns… Regular soundcards & laptops don’t work properly with XLR mics and stage/studio mics aren’t interchangeable with computer mics. The wireless receiver may have a line output which isn’t compatible with most laptops.