Windows11 and Audacity 3.1.2

I can not operate Audacity on Windows11 to record music on the PC.
What are the necessary software …realtek? … or others … I find nothing in Windows 11 that deals with …Mixing …?
On Google I do not find the same procedures in …my … Windows11.
Thank you for your help.
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I don’t have Win11 but as far as I know, [u]WASAPI loopback[/u] still works.

Thank you for the answer.
Indeed I can record the sound with Audacity … but without mastering the board.
By following System → Sounds → High speakers I can find mixing Stereo … Activate and in Audacity I have:

Mixing Stereo (Realtek High Def
2 ‘STEREO registration channels’ channels
Speakers (Realtek High Def

To be continued