Windows XP set up

The setup instructions say under Voice Recording and Sound Recording select USB Audio CODEC. I do not have this option, my only choices are my sound card (Realtek AC97 Audio) and something called MODEM #0 Line Playback. Should I use this second option or is there a way to download the USB Audio CODEC default device. I am running XP Professional Sevice Pack 3. Any help would be appreciated.

You only get that option if you plug in anything like a Behringer UCA202 USB device that supports it. What did you plug in?


I have a Crosley usb turntable that came with the audacity software. I printed the instruction manual and followed the instructions for XP setup. I connected the turntable to my computer, turned it on and loaded the software. But when trying to configure I cannot get a USB Audio CODEC prompt where required, only the MODEM #0 Line Playback. Any ideas would be appreciated.


First thing, check that you have the current version of Audacity and not an old / obsolete version.
Look in “Help > About Audacity”.
The current version is 2.0.5.
If that is not the version that you have, the correct version is available here:

Connect your turntable to the computer before you open Audacity.

Also the instructions that turntable manufacturers give are often incorrect. I suggest you use this page for Audacity setup: .