Windows XP and Vista

We seem to be getting an increasing number of “Vista specific” questions.
Would it be a good idea to have a board dedicated to Audacity on Vista, or perhaps a child board to the Windows board?

That balanced against additional complexity for forum presentation. People still post down here because they can’t figure out they’re running Windows®.

How about one place to post and then the System comes back and says:

[We can’t figure out from your post what kind of computer you have. Please tell us.]
[We can’t figure out from your post which Audacity you have. Please tell us.]

[Your question is about a Windows machine running Audacity 1.2. Put your question to the experts in that forum? [Y|N]


That’s a great idea, Koz.

Would it be difficult to force users to check a box listing their OS and their version of Audacity when they post? Or would that interfere with non-system-specific questions like “What’s the difference between Amplify and Normalize?”

okay, I’m new to Audacity and I have Vista on my Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop. Will Audacity work with Vista?

thank you for the answer. Appreciate the help and this site really seems cool.

I have Windows Vista. I am attempting to get my files to the mp3 format. Let me know if this is possible, and what steps I have to take (deleting current files) ,before this can be done. Or, is this something that cannot be done with this program. Let me know , Thanks.