Windows WASAPI not letting me record

Everytime I try to record using the Loopback feature. It do not let me record no matter what. Everytime the same error 9996 invalid device. I checked previous forums too. I tried everything it had but nope. I’ll attach a screenshot and audio device diagnosis file with it. Please help me
problem code.txt (653 Bytes)
deviceinfo.txt (8.12 KB)
Desktop Screenshot 2022.10.27 -

This could happen if, for example, you were trying to record a stereo show in mono. Under Audio Setup, check that Recording Channels is set to 2 (Stereo).

Hi. Since you are trying to record audio being played back through the Logitech G431 Gaming Headset and it is configured as a 7.1 surround audio device you have to select 8 as the number of the recording channels.