Windows volume mutes itself during recording vinyl

i am not new to audacity and have digitized vinyl before to my computer with no issues but now with Windows 7 Pro , i need some help.

i am digitizing old vinyl to my PC and i have recently upgraded the OS to windows 7 pro , i am recording for a few minutes , but during the recording the line in volume on the recording tab of the (right clicked recording devices ) through the windows icon mutes itself , sometimes the recording will last 4 minutes sometimes it lasts 30 seconds before it just mutes itself for no reason and stops the recording of the vinyl.
i don’t lose the sound to the speakers they continue to produce sound , i just lose the line levels during recording and get a flatline until i go back to the taskbar speaker icon and unmute the line in (recording devices) and then i get my line levels back , but that does no good when i can’t get through a whole track without the self muting being an issue and want to record an entire side of an album…

it happened with the new 2.1.2 version , so then i went back to the 2.0.5 version and still have the exact same problems …
is this a windows 7 pro problem / conflict or a maybe an operator error of some kind…

i am recording with a vintage Realistic STA-42 am-fm stereo receiver and a vintage Technics SL-QD33 direct drive turntable
i am working with a home computer desk top tower style - windows 7 professional - AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core processor 5600+ 2.81 ghz - 8 gb of ram - 64 bit operating system
not that this information will help , i thought i’d throw in as much info as possible.
i know there are way smarter folks here that can help , i am just a fred flintstone in a george jetson world trying my best to stay in george’s rear view mirror…

thank you for any help possible

Is this work music?

Audacity isn’t changing any settings, right? Audacity is not pressing any buttons by itself. It just records for a while and then the blue waves on the timeline mysteriously collapse to a straight line.

Which Windows did you upgrade from?

Newer Windows versions are automatically set up for voice, business, corporate conference and chat. They’re not generic, do anything Windows any more. Windows now features a thing called “Enhanced Services” for voice. It hates music.


Are you sure you are using the correct input? Do you have a physical blue input port, separate from a physical pink input port? The blue is the line-in that you should be using and the pink is the mic that you should not be using.

And do you have in Windows Sound, Recording tab an entry called “Line In” or similar and is that what you are selecting in Audacity’s Device Toolbar?

If you choose the mic input you will probably get the fading problem Koz describes (as well as distortion and mono sound).

From your description of the input muting itself, that is almost certainly a driver problem. Assuming you upgraded to Windows 7 on the same computer, did you upgrade the audio drivers to Windows 7? If not, that is probably your problem. See


thanks gale ,
i have everything connected properly just as you have described , and i have been through every possible configuration …
i get sound , i get monitoring , and then after a few minutes of getting through a track or two on the LP the line-in volume just drops and it mutes itself , i unmute it and back to recording the way it should be with sound and monitoring perfect , then a few minutes or even 1 minute and then again the line-in volume mutes …

i was trying to go through my sound card settings to see if any conflicts were there and had no luck , i thought maybe windows had something that was conflicting with audacity and couldn’t find anything that helped …i am not giving up , i used audacity with XP and it worked fine but unforeseen crashes made me upgrade to 7 PRO and now it’s driving me crazy …i will not be defeated


hi koz,
this is just simple vintage vinyl digitizing .

audacity does not seem to be changing any settings , the in-line volume through my sound card is the one being muted mysteriously after a few minutes sometimes less than a minute, and yes while the blue lines collapse to a flatline and the monitoring bars stop also .

i am getting the idea that windows 7 pro does hate music, i have unchecked all the enhancements everywhere i could and every box in between , as long as i was getting sound and able to record i must have tried it many times over by now to maybe stumble on a configuration that works but no luck yet …

i have used audacity with XP and not a problem , but i had to upgrade to 7 pro and now there are problems …but i will not give up easily i will continue to try …

thanks for your response

Do you have separate line in (blue) and mic (pink) input ports?

Have you ensured you have correct Windows 7 drivers for this computer? If you updated from XP to Windows 7 64-bit on the same machine without updating the sound card drivers to Windows 7 then it is highly likely you will get some sort of weird behaviour and that will continue until you correct the drivers.

Even if you did update the drivers, that driver installation can go wrong. That can be fixed by reinstalling the correct audio drivers. The drivers must be 64-bit, given you have 64-bit Windows 7.

What is the exact make and model number of this machine? Or did you build it yourself? We can then help you find the correct audio drivers, if you do need help with that.


hi gale,

yes i have separate ports and the blue in-line is the one i an using , i also tried the motherboard in-line with the same results …

this PC i built myself , i will try and reinstall the drivers , i have a simple sound blaster audigy SE and an asus motherboard that i have had for a few years and the one i used with the XP and audacity with no problems…i only upgraded the OS and my hard drive…

but i will try and find the right drivers and do a reinstall and see what happens