Windows 8

What are the best settings using this device with Windows 8?

Using what device? If you have a problem with a specific sound device, please give its make and model number so we know what you are asking about.

If you are asking about using a USB turntable or USB cassette player, please see: .

For information about Windows 8, please see: .


EZCAP 218B When I install the product I do not get the same options on the preference list under Audio I/O. What should they be set at?

If you using a version of Audacity that has “Audio I/O” Preferences, that version is obsolete.

Please update to the latest Audacity 2.0.5 version here: .

Then the instructions at will relate to the version of Audacity that you have.

Since we don’t know what Audacity version you have now, I suggest uninstalling your current version before installing 2.0.5.


I uninstalled the old version & downloaded the new version; however, I need help in setting up the Audio I/O settings. The ones that were included in the download do not work.

What I really meant is Preferences: Devices. The default ones that were downloaded do not work. I am using Windows 8. The product is EZCAP 218

What have you downloaded and in what way does it not work? We cannot see your computer so you have to explain what you have done.

Is this the device you have (USB cassette player): ? Yes or No, please.

That device should work with the USB Audio drivers that Windows already comes with.

If you are saying that Windows does not recognize the device:

  1. Unplug all other USB devices, then switch off and unplug the EZCAP device at the USB connection and at the mains
  2. Plug the EZCAP device into a spare USB port (not a USB hub), and switch it on
  3. Wait a few minutes then completely shut down the computer and restart it (if you are on Windows 8.1, hold Windows key and press X then choose “Shut down”)
  4. When the computer has finished rebooting, launch Audacity.

Then take your computer mouse and click this link in light blue: . That link tells you the settings to make in Audacity. In short, open Device Toolbar (or Devices Preferences ) and set the output or playback device to your computer speakers. Set the input or recording device to the USB Audio CODEC for the EZCAP device.

We don’t know exactly what the EZCAP USB input device will be called, but it should have “USB” in its name.