Windows 8 background process, what is it?

When I stop using mouse/keyboard, Windows 8 starts some background process which uses disk at 100%. As soon as I move mouse, the process stops. This kind of disk-mad process is not good when I record audio to disk. What process it is and how to get rid of it? It is Windows 8 process.

I have tracked multiple Windows processes which all think that running disk at 100% is best they can do. This means e.g. games freeze/stutter and becomes unplayable. I heard about the freezes before I purchased Windows 8 computer but thought it could be a virus or the like, but now I know that mostly they are native Windows 8 processes. Also, programs like steam etc are pain too.

To get reliable dropout-free recordings, I’m thinking about a mechanical device which moves the mouse. Now I have to move the mouse myself.

This is nothing to do with Audacity, nor is is “normal” for Windows 8.

Do I assume what you want to record is game commentary?

What are your computer specifications? Have you modded/overclocked the system?

To me it sounds like the focus of your investigation should be processes that start or become active when they think the computer is idle.

Perhaps there is a scheduled task you could remove. Much of Windows maintenance is done by scheduled tasks now.

There are some topics here which may or may not help (read the entire topics):

Let us know if you find the problem - however your investigations should be on other forums.