windows 7 cannot open audacity project aup.file

I have audacity 2.1.2 and windows 7. I have a particular project file that I am unable to open; it has an error that reads “… is an audacity project file. use the 'file>open command to open audacity projects.” Well, that is how I tried to open it.

I can open other projects, just not this one.

I know that the file is saved because I have closed and opened it before.

This happened shortly after updating to Audacity 2.1.2, but all of my other files from the older version still work.

Both the project file and the data folder are in the same folder.

Thank you for your help!

Open the AUP file in a text editor and look at it. (Do Not save anything!) Is it a file or is it blank?

This is an old one.

If you made a change to the show and then closed Audacity before it was done writing the AUP file, it may be blank. Do you have backups of this show or portion of show under a different name?


It is blank. I have the data file, but no other source of backup.

That show may be lost. If you damage an original recording, sometimes we can reconstruct the show from the fragments inside the /DATA folder (it’s not a file). But if you lose an AUP file in the middle of editing, then the /DATA folder is scrambled.


Do you recall what older version that was? 1.2 something?

Did you save this project in 2.1.2, or merely open it?

Here is a more direct link - but unfortunately it won’t help unless the project was a recording you made yourself that had not yet been edited.