Windows 7 64 bit-.exe installer

I can record streaming. I then export selection to the desktop. But the meta data, such as track title or # do not go to the file. When I open the file on the desktop, open properties, open details, the info is blank, except for the bit rate and length. What am I not doing?

Very few programs support metadata in WAV files.
Audacity is unusual in that it supports some metadata in WAV files.
Windows Media does not support metadata in WAV files.

If you close and restart Audacity (so that Audacity is starting a new project and the Metadata is empty, then import the WAV file. Look in “File menu > Metadata Editor” and you’ll see the metadata that Audacity has written into the WAV file.

Bummer. Thanks.

In Windows 7, it does.

These are the WAV tags that Audacity currently supports: