Windows 11

Just bought new computer - LG “gram”, upgraded to Windows 11 Pro (from Windows 10 Pro) and installed Audacity 3.1.2. Can’t get it to work as it did in Windows 10 - that is, record directly from streaming computer input as opposed to recording through microphone. With MME showing, shows 2 input options: Microphone Array (Intel Smart) & Microsoft Sound Mapper.

I’ve tried all the options and work-arounds provided in Windows 10, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help? Thanks

The “WASAPI loopback” method should work on Windows 11. See:

WASAPI didn’t work for my situation with my Shure MV7. I also didn’t understand the graphic showing the Audio Settings. It showed headphones as the input device. My mic wouldn’t work like that. Also, there is no loopback mode for the mic.

WASAPI only records the sounds which you can hear from the computer speakers, (no mic required).
To record a USB microphone you need to select that USB device, not WASAPI as the recording device.
To record the computer sounds & the USB mic at the same time you’ll need a virtual mixer.