Windows 11 (with FXsound (on or off) cannot record except with microphone

Windows 11 (updated to latest) / FXsound / Orca Microphone / Audacity 3.4 and Beta 3.5. Playing games / steaming video / playing music all work correctly. PC is custom built using MSI MB, Realtek sound.

I cannot work out why Audacity will not record while playing music (streaming). The only “Recording Devices” shown are Microsoft Sound Mapper - input and Microphone - Orca.

Spent at least an hour+ trying to solve. I then decided to try another Sound Editor as a test, and downloaded the free version of NCP MixPad. Installed the software, fired it up, AND, it worked immediately with out changing any settings.

So, I have no idea if this is “USER Error” or “A Bug”.

Can anyone help.

Kind Regards - Nigel Aves.

Native Audacity is not able to record the microphone and the computer at the same time.
A virtual mixer is required to record both at the same time , e.g. VB-Audio VoiceMeeter Banana

Were you a test-pilot in a previous life ?. Beta = Buggy.

@Trebor. Sorry, that’s not what I meant. I can record the microphone all OK, no problem. The issue is when I try and record say, a CD, streaming audio. Not trying to do both at the same time.

Was I a test pilot! Actually I spent my career in software, so very used to working with Alpha / Beta software. I only loaded the beta version because I could not get the released version to work.

On Windows, WASAPI as the host works for me when recording the computer speakers …

BTW it is faster to rip the audio data from a CD, rather than record it playing.

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