windows 11 usb

aud 3.2.3 with windows 11 i am having problems with a first act 1/4 to usb PnP sound device windows test hears sound but audacity and other programs do not hear it just a flat line ive tried many things, it works with a windows 10 computer but not 11

On Windows 11 you have to explicitly permit devices to have access to a microphone
[ "first act 1/4 to usb PnP" USB device will be treated as an external microphone, even though it’s a guitar]

yep that doesnt work either

Curious. Do you have a link? After an internet search, I found first act 1/4 usb and 1/4 usb PnP, but NOT first act 1/4 usb PnP device. :frowning:

its a gutiar cable 1/4 inch to usb its an older cable

So as Trebor says, this is usually a microphone permissions thing.

Windows [u]Listen To This Device[/u] MIGHT help with troubleshooting. If it works you should hear the guitar through your computer speakers (or headphones) without Audacity or any application. If that’s not working you know it’s a Windows problem (or probably a Windows setting).

In SOME cases you can “reset” the drivers by un-installing the device. (With a regular class-compliant USB audio device it will be reinstalled automatically… usually… hopefully…)

I’m on a Win10 machine right now but I assume Win11 is similar. Open the Device Manager and go to the bottom of the list to find Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Click to expand and see if you can identify the audio device. Right-click and then Uninstall. Unplug and re-plug the USB and it should show-up again and it MIGHT start working.