Windows 11 - Audacity recording in mono from stereo sources via analogue to USB input

I’m recording music from stereo sources (i.e. headphone sockets on various hifi devices). I’m using an EzCAP analogue to USB cable that I’ve used previously with Windows 7 and which recorded in stereo. I’m now using a new Dell 5400 with Windows 11 and no matter what I do, Audacity 3.4.0 is only able to record in mono. Alternatively, if I record on Audacity on my MacBook from the same sources, it records in stereo.

I’ve checked that the Windows Sound input settings are for ‘USB PnP audio device’ and the Audacity recording settings are ‘Device: Stereo Mix (Realtec (R) Audio). Channels: 2 (Stereo)’ and it’s recording two channels, but they’re both the same mono mix.

You can check [Windows-key]-R, “mmsys.cpl”, Recording, ‘USB PnP audio device’ > Properties > Advanced > Default Format

Thanks for the tip. It had Audio Enhancements enabled. Once I’d disabled it recordings were in stereo.

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