Windows 10 volume problem

Didn’t have this problem yesterday. When I tried to edit the same file as yesterday I couldn’t hear anything. The playback volume slider and record slider were at zero. I dragged them up to 50 and as soon as I let go they jumped back down to zero. I turned off Audacity and tried again. This time the playback volume was at 100 and record slider was about 75. Couldn’t move them. Playback volume was still low so I used the speaker icon on the taskbar, raised that slider to 100 and it was still too low. My Windows system volume is at 100. Tried a few other things and now I can’t adjust the volume slider on the taskbar. It won’t open when I click on it. I’m searching to see if there is a Windows sound driver update that I missed. Has anyone else had this problem? In general the Windows 10 sound management tools are horrible. “Sound” is not even on the control panel anymore. You have to search for it every time.

Windows “Sound” can be accessed by right-click over the speaker icon by the system clock.

Did your computer come with Windows 10 or did you install Windows 10 on top of previous Windows? If the latter, then assuming it’s a branded computer like HP or Lenovo, you must go to the computer manufacturer’s web site and look for and install Windows 10 audio drivers for your exact computer model. If you have 64-bit Windows 10, you must install the 64-bit audio drivers.


Thanks very much. I will do that now. I think you saved me a world of frustration.
I have a three year old Dell and just recently downloaded Windows 10.