Windows Version: 10 (version 1909, OS Build 18363.778)
Audacity version: 2.3.3

Hi guys,

How are you? I hope you are safe from Covid-19, or get better as soon as possible if you are alreadry affected.

I have a big problem: I have imported an audio from a concert (2 hours 11 minutes) in Audacity to create a Surround 9.2 version.

Everything imported, everything mixed, and so on. Great. I really need to export this file to add it to the original video, but losslessly and with all the channels. WAV format obviously refrains me from creating such file since it is greater than 4GB.

If I try other formats, this is what happens:
-some of them support 11 channels and files greaters than 4GB but are lossy;
-some of them are lossless but support 11 channels and/or files greaters than 4GB;
-the lossless ones supporting 11 channels and files greaters than 4GB either can’t be opened by most editors due to file size and/or format.

What can I do?

Thanks a lot!

What editors will you be using? What formats do they support?
Does your export have to be one file only?

VLC, Groove Music and Windows Media Player.
I would like to export one file only.

I have even tried to export the final file in multiple parts to use WAV and keep everything lossless, but if I try to create a collage in Video Editor the audio is not as great (=extremely exciting) as the original sound. If I play the audio file alone, it is magnificent.

But you know, I need both. :joy:

RF64 supports large files and multiple channels.

From Audacity:
“File menu > Export > Export Audio”

Then select

File type: “Other uncompressed files”
Header: RF64
Encoding: Signed 16-bit

Thanks a lot!