Windows 10. Trim between two inaudible frequencies

I work for a community radio station and the plan is to set up a podcast. However the shows will need the news and adverts removing from them. As we don’t have the staff to manually edit ever show we are looking for a way to automatically remove said items. One solution is to manually insert inaudible frequencies at the start an end of the content that will need removing then using audacity to batch crop everything between the inaudible frequencies. Is audacity capable of doing this?
Thank you.

If you have permission from the copyright holder to use this material, can’t you just ask them to send you a copy without the adverts.
If you don’t have permission from the copyright holder to use this recording, then it is probably illegal to do so. There are special “PRS” licenses available for community radio - some information here: Community radio licence

no. we have to keep all the stuff in the origional files themselves as they are audio logged files and have to contain everything for legal reasons. Thhe idea is to trim from them and the trimmed output be podcast.