windows 10 need help pretty please.

I use Audacity for my vocal recordings for you tube.
I like to stick to my daily schedule thankfully I have a back log.
my back log is running out.
I have spent days trying to update drivers, find other programs, follow everything you guys have been telling windows 10 users to do.

my afterglow universal ps3 headset is not recognizable and using the laptops microphone is not acceptable.

nothing is working. i had to download wavepad and now i can not revert the wpp files to .wav files. the vocals sound great on a wpp; when I run it through audacity it ends up like a creepy number station with high pitch beeps.

please give me more steps to follow I really need to use this program. Thank you.

We don’t provide technical support for WavePad. See for more information.

Audacity does not support WPP files. So if you record with WavePad you must save WAV files.

Are you saying that Windows recognises the headset in Windows Sound but Audacity does not? Are you saying that if you connect the headset, Audacity gives an “Internal PortAudio error”, but when you don’t connect the headset you can play audio in Audacity to the built-in sound device?

Have you contacted the headset manufacturer for technical support? Do they have Windows 10 drivers for the headset?


I wasn’t asking for wavepad technical support and as far I know you can convert all sound files through import- raw and then extracting the sound file as a .wav. I mentioned this because I had/am assuming this problem has something to do with audacity not recognizing my drivers.

I am saying that only do I get the “Internal PortAudio error” you mentioned when I remove the afterglow headset completely (not off my head but out of computer with headset turned off) I still do not get any usable devices. my laptop has both speakers and mic built in. This only occurs through audacity, everywhere else says I have these things.

The headset is recognized everywhere including other sound recording software just not audacity.
I have updated my windows to top capacity.
I have manually updated sound devices.
I have updated afterglow headphones to top capacity.
I made sure i am using the up to date audacity.

still nothing works.

No. Audacity Import Raw only works with uncompressed PCM data (essentially, WAV or AIFF files without headers information). It can’t turn any other type of data into a waveform.

Also WPP files are WavePad project files, not audio. That’s why I said you needed to ask NCH how to save WAV in WavePad. See WavePad Audio Editor - Can WavePad turn format X (eg. wav) to format Y (eg. mp3)? and ask NCH if you are still stuck. If you save WAV files, you can drag them straight into Audacity and they will import.

Have you been to the web site of the computer or motherboard manufacturer to look for Windows 10 drivers for your computer model? If not, please do so. If they have new Windows 10 drivers this will at the least enable Audacity to see your built-in audio devices when the headset is disconnected. It may even enable Audacity to see the headset too, if it has no problem with the headset drivers.

If you can’t find Windows 10 drivers, you can try right-click over Audacity.exe > Properties, then click the “Compatibility” tab. Assuming you upgraded to Windows 10 over some previous Windows version, try enabling Compatibility Mode for that previous version. Personally I don’t think that will help, but let us know if it does.

If not, try everything listed here, including if necessary going back to Audacity 2.0.3:
Missing features - Audacity Support.

Have you asked the manufacturer if they will be supplying Windows 10 drivers for the headset?

The point about all these issues is that Audacity is very sensitive to having non-generic, perfectly matched audio drivers.


If you are still receiving the Internal PortAudio Error please try and let us know how you get on.