windows 10 mic problem

Hi, I updated to windows 10 .Reinstaled drivers and Audacity works but it leaves my mic on when sampleing tracks. I tryed turning off the mic and got error message .Error while opening sound device .Please check recording device settings and prodject rate.
Thanks in advace. P.S. Im not a wiz at this computer thing.

Have you read Have you seen if you can obtain Windows 10 audio drivers from the web site of your computer manufacturer?

What is the make and model number of the mic? What do you mean by it leaves your mIc on ?

Try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices at the top of the Audacity menus. You should use that when you add or remove external devices while Audacity is open.


I up dated the drivers. Not sure if they are windows 10 compadable. The mic is the laptops internal mic that gos with the webcam I gues. When I record somthing streaming it picks up all backround noise like the tv.When I disable the mic I get error message. I can not seam to mute it.
Thanks for responding,

You need to go to the web site of your computer manufacturer (Dell, Lenovo, HP or whoever it is). They will always say which operating system the drivers are meant for.

Choose your Audacity recording device in Device Toolbar. Then you can see what recording device you are choosing.

There should be no need to disable the mic when recording audio playing on the computer. In Device Toolbar, choose the correct stereo mix choice (if available) or choose the Windows WASAPI (loopback) choice.

Have a look at this tutorial: Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows - Audacity Manual.


I think the promlem was Cortana. She was always listining.I think my wife fixed it because it’s working now.She is the computer tec in the house.I just wanted to try to fix it on my owne and not bug her.Thanks for trying to help me out.

OK. I don’t have “Hey, Cortana!” switched on, though I did not think it would interfere with recording computer playback if you chose the correct source to record from.

Cortana is the Windows 10 “virtual assistant” like Siri on iOS.