Windows 10; Audacity 3.0.5: no system sounds

Hi folks,
I have 2 Win10 PCs. I installed Audacity on both. One PC, it works perfectly. The 2nd one, it does not record system sounds and I can’t figure out how to make it do it. The offending PC is a new LG Gram laptop. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Recording System Sound is not natural. It involves running Record (in Audacity) and Playback (of the machine) at the same time and crossing them without feedback or other sound damage. It’s not easy.

Early machines were pretty simple and had provisions, settings, or special software to let you do this, but newer machines can leave that out or make it much harder to cross the pathways.

Then there’s Skype, Zoom, and Meetings which take over sound pathways and settings and don’t care what you want.


Thanks! I appreciate the reply!