Windows 10 and Tascam US-144 driver

Has anyone figured out a solution for the missing playback through the headphones issue? TIA if there’s any info. available.

Is there a specific post you are referring to?

If the drivers don’t work at all with Windows 10 (Windows Media Player, etc.) you’re probably out-of-luck and it’s time for a new interface. That happens with computer-based stuff. :frowning:

Ok, thanks. That’s what I was gathering. I had used it a short time with the Cubase LE that came with it, when I first bought it, and figured when I retired I’d have time to play around with it. Must be a load of them out there, surprised nobody’s making a driver for it. But what do I know? :confused:

Also, I was able to get it to record and play back, just that the playback only went to the computer speakers, not to the Tascam and headphones hooked to it. The headphones were only playing the input. (I have pretty much no clue what I’m doing, so bear that in mind too.)

surprised nobody’s making a driver for it.

Most “small interfaces” and “USB soundcards” are “class compliant” which means they work with the Microsoft-supplied (or Apple-supplied) drivers.

Otherwise the drivers are normally written by the hardware manufacturer because only they know the specifics of communicating with their own hardware/firmware.

So there seem to be up-to-date drivers for this discontinued product here:

Scroll about half-way down the page to the section “Windows Drivers”

Thanks, much appreciated, I’ll have a look.

I ended up getting a $60 discount on an upgrade to the newer unit, US-2x2HR.

Im having a problem with Audacity & my Tascam US 2x2HR - The source Input comes through the headphones connected to the unit but if i try monitoring the computer via monitor balance, there s no sound. The same works perfectly with my MACOS/macbook air. So its obviously a windows audacity thing… Any pointers?

I don’t know, if it is interesting anymore, but i succeedet to activate Tascam to a Win 10 Computer with the driver, ifound here: Tascam Europa | Audio-Aufnahmegeräte für Rundfunk, Tonstudio und Musiker. Vers: 2.05.