Window Menu Dropdown


I just upgraded to Audacity 2.3.0 using Mac OS Mojave v 10.14. This new version doesn’t show all open project files. Under the Window dropdown it only says “Bring all to front” which is really frustrating when working with multiple files. Any chance to bring this feature back. I don’t see anything in the preferences to change. Otherwise, LOVE Audacity!!!

Thank you!!

This is a known bug in WxWidgets (the cross-platform toolkit that Audacity uses).

The workaround given in the logged bug is:

" if you right click on the Audacity icon in the Task bar at the bottom of the Mac screen, you can then select “Show All Windows”. This will display all open Audacity project windows enabling to choose any on eby clicking it."

Thanks so much1 Not as good as using the Window menu to toggle between files so I hope the next version will fix this? Thanks again!! Allyson

Despite there being no functional Windows menu, Command+` (that’s the key at the upper left of the keyboard, usually under the esc key) will cycle through open project windows.
– Bill